Who We Are

By acquiring creative capabilities in the development of recruitment services, Al- Motamed Office has emphasized three vital features to help develop a map Recruitment Services To gain a competitive advantage in the field of labor recruitment In line with the technological development in the issuance of visas, and coordination with external offices to provide the best human cadres, in order to achieve what the customers wish

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Innovation, participation, integrity and responsibility, as these values serve as the basis for all the work of the Office.

What distinguishes us

Using innovative and creative ideas and techniques, providing competitive offers for our clients, and providing trained human cadres in all sectors to contribute to economic growth and family stability.

Our mission

The Office of Motamed to become is the largest office in the field of recruitment, and the success and success of the Office is due to the performance of its staff and their support, which is supported by the Department's advanced capabilities to promote this success

What we offer

The Broker

We specialize in providing manpower in various sectors (individuals - business) through coordination with our agents around the world to obtain human cadres with special standards and specifications. We carry out all procedures for obtaining the required manpower.

The business sector

We attract and recruit specialized cadres in all fields of the business sector. We select the distinguished competencies in all fields required by the business sector to serve this important sector in the Kingdom. So that we contribute to the prosperity of the economy of our beloved Kingdom.

Individuals sector

At the A motamed recruitment office we are working to bring in highly qualified and experienced human cadres Households - Introducing Private Drivers - The possibility of bringing workers or hired workers through the office

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